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Colon Village Hall

REGULAR MEETING – October 10, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Diane Downs

Absent: Ruth Ann Kuhlmann & Linda Norton – both excused

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, Jim Weinberg, Michael Mitchell, Tom Tenney, Marilyn McManus, Gula Carter, Yuka Husted, Kelly Pucci, and Ashley Staecker

Approve Agenda: N. Percival made a motion to accept the agenda with the change to remove the Closed Session. E. Doenges seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comments: K. Pucci asked if she could post a flyer.

Consent Agenda: N. Percival made a motion to approve the minutes from the September 12 meeting with a correction of item e under New Business to place the owners name on the bill. For the September 27 meeting, Downs wanted to correct D. Delp’s motion to accept M. Mitchell’s evaluation as good. The total amount for the bills is $82,455.75. S. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Communications/Petitions/Miscellaneous – D. Downs received a letter from lawyers to close the discrimination charge and it can’t be reopened. Douglas Kuhlman sent an email regarding our Zoning Ordinance in fatal status.

Monthly Reports

  1. Department of Public Works – report as presented.
  2. Police – report as presented.
  3. Interim Office Manager – Tammy will be in Saturday to help with adjustments. Ashley can start full time as of 10/16/17.
  4. Village Manager – report as presented. Norman & Paulsen will be here in November. Doenges interjected with saying 5 acres of land would be needed for Bow Hunting. Step Forward MI is a good resource for people who must foreclose on their homes. The uniform chart of accounts is going to change within the next fiscal year.

Unfinished Business

  1. Fire Agreement – E. Doenges and D. Downs met with Rhonda & Sandy at the Colon Township Library to discuss the Fire Agreement. They came to an agreement of 60/40 for the large equipment fund – our cost is $4800 and $7000 water system to be eliminated. The split for the support of the fire department is now 68% Township, 32% Village. The contract will be 10 years with an automated rollover and a five-year review. This agreement will be per Township Board and Village Council approval.
  2. 2000 Water Bond Refinancing – N. Percival made a motion to accept the Resolution authorizing issuance of limited tax general obligation refunding bond. E. Doenges seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: E. Doenges, D. Delp, S. Craun, N. Percival, D. Downs. Nays: None. Motion carried.
  3. Goals – M. Mitchell is keeping this on the agenda as a reminder to keep working on our Village Goals.
  4. Irrigation Agreement – D. Delp made a motion to accept the Irrigation Agreement with no fees minus Robert Sharp, but with Mark and Dan Sharp expiring in 10 years. S. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.

New Business

  1. Monarch Butterfly Habitat Creation – D. Delp made a motion to accept the Garden Club’s proposal to establish a butterfly habitat on our M-86 property. S. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Closed Session – Moved to a later date to due missing Council Members

Public Comments

Pucci mentioned the next DDA meeting on October 26 and the report will be given at the next meeting.

Charter Contract – M. McManus

Bow Hunting – T. Tenney

Council Comments

Percival asked for the results of the speed study on M-86.

Craun mentioned the Fire Board meeting on October 11th

Craun mentioned if anyone was asked to cover when the office was closed, but it just happened spur of the moment.

Doenges commented about some of the lights not working properly. M. Brinkert replied with lights have been reported, but if there is more he needs to know where. Also, if there is an outage, anyone can go to the consumers website to report it.

Adjournment – S. Craun made a motion to adjourn. D. Delp seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM.

Repectfully Submitted,

Ashley Staecker

Colon Village Interim Office Manager