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Job Description

Supervised by: Village Council
Supervises: Police Chief, Department of Public Works Supervisor, and Village Office personnel.
FLSA Status: Exempt (Salary)

General Summary:
The Village Manager plans, develops, and implements a diverse range of Village services to meet policy directives and community needs. Oversees the organization and direction of all Village departments and coordinates with the Village Personnel Committee on all employee matters.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities:
The Village Manager may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential tasks. The following examples do not include all the duties that the Village Manager may be expected to perform. To perform this job successfully, the Village Manager must be able to perform each responsibility in a satisfactory manner.

1. Maintains clear and open communication with the Village President and Village Council at all times and provides council with timely and relevant information and documentation when requested.

2. Works with all standing committee to assist them in their responsibilities within their respective directive.

3. In coordination with all supervisors, the Village Manager is responsible for the general operation of all Village departments.

4. Recommends policies and programs to the Village Council. Provides information to the Council to aid in its deliberations. Implements policies set forth by the Council.

5. Develops long-range plans and management strategies to realize goals in accordance with Council directives, community needs, demographic trends, and Village vision. Assesses operational costs, analyzes administrative and capital needs and makes recommendations to the village Council regarding changes, upgrades, or downsizing.

6. Prepares grant proposals and consults with granting agencies in securing and administering grants. Completes requisite reporting and paper work accurately and in a timely fashion.

7. When necessary represents the Village at local, regional and state meetings as approved by the Village Council. Through open communication and in coordination with the Village Council the Village Manager may negotiate contracts and agreements on behalf of the Village.

8. Responds to inquiries, resolves citizen complaints and recommends remedial action related to Village policies and services. Meets with citizens and community groups to address concerns and participates in civic activities as appropriate.

9. In coordination with supervisors, develops a positive work environment for all employees. Assist supervisors in employee hiring, training, recognition, and work related issues, and disciplinary matters. Coordinates all hiring with supervisors and makes recommendations to the personnel committee on hiring. Reports all disciplinary issues to the personnel committee with appropriate corrections, remediation or recommendations for further action.

10. Serves as the Village’s legislative coordinator. Stays current of proposed changes in legislation that may impact the Village. Communicates Village needs to State and Federal officials.

11. Maintains open communication with the Village Attorney and assist the Village Attorney with any potential or current legal issues. The Village Manager insures that the Village is compliant with all statutes and regulations.

12. Working with supervisors, the Village Manager is responsible for the development of a Risk Management program and insures that it is implemented and observed on an ongoing basis.

13. In coordination with the finance committee and supervisors develops a five-year capital improvement program and monitors capital needs and determines appropriate financing mechanisms for larger purchases and projects.

14. In coordination with the finance committee and supervisors develops all budget requests, financial plans and forecasts, and timely preparation of the annual budget. Administers fiscal policy, ensures the proper administration of the budget, and keeps the Village Council fully apprised of the Village’s present financial condition and future needs.

15. The Village Manager shall research, draft, and present all final documents such as resolutions, ordinances, and contracts to the Village Council in an accurate and timely manner.

16. The Village Manager shall complete all pertinent Federal, State, and County reports in an accurate and timely manner. When necessary shall assist supervisors with the same.

17. In coordination with the Village President creates the agenda for and attends all Village Council meetings. Performs research, recommends policies and programs, enforces ordinances, and implements policy as set forth by the Council. Attends meeting of various boards, authorities, associations, and commissions as necessary or required and/or as requested by the Village council.

18. Represents the views and beliefs of the Village Council to various individuals, entities, agencies, and other governmental units. Responsibly responds to inquiries from the public, the media, and others. Communicates the Village Council’s views and beliefs position on issues.

19. Coordinates Village operations and activities with other governmental units. With acknowledgement of the Village Council, and in conjunction with the Village Attorney participate in the negotiations and administration of cooperative agreements, mutual aid compacts, or other contracts on behalf of the Village.

20. Administers the terms and conditions of all contracts to which the Village is a party. Supervises and coordinates all special projects with respective employees and/or specific council committee.

21. Assist, coordinate with, and maintain open communication with all and/or specific departments and agencies in regards to emergencies.

22. Develops in coordination with the DDA and appropriate council committee a communication and marketing plan for both external and internal audiences. Assist office employees with the maintenance of the Village web site as to promote transparency and aid in disseminating relevant information to citizens.

23. Maintains open communication with all other entities of the Village: zoning administrator, building inspector, electrical inspector, mechanical/plumbing inspector, and engineering firm.

24. Maintains open communication and develops a positive working environment with the Colon Township Supervisor.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Minimum Qualifications:
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, abilities and minimum qualifications necessary to perform the essential functions of the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the job.

• A Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, business administration, finance, or related field and responsible municipal management experience or equivalent experience/education combination.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend the General Village Laws Act, resolutions, ordinances and regulations pertaining to municipal operations management, budgeting and financial administration, and public information.
• Knowledge of the professional principles, practices and procedures of public administration.
• A valid State of Michigan Vehicle Operator’s License.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend municipal financial and personnel management, contract negotiation and economic development.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend public relations practices and marketing.
• Skill in compiling and evaluating data and formulating policy and service recommendations.
• Skill in responding to public inquiries and internal requests with a high degree of diplomacy and professionalism.
• The ability to coordinate and work with diverse programs, services and personnel.
• Ability to establish effective working relationships, use good judgement, initiative and resourcefulness when dealing with citizens, elected officials, employees, other governmental agencies and municipal professionals.
• Ability to maintain records and prepare comprehensive reports.
• Ability to effectively communicate and present ideas and concepts orally and in writing.
• Ability to work effectively under stress and changes in work priorities.
• Ability to attend meetings at times outside of normal business hours, travel to other locations and respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis.
• Ability to effectively lead and motivate employees and objectively supervise and evaluate the work of others.


Position: Village Manager
Employer: Village of Colon
St. Joseph County, Michigan

Population: 1,166

Compensation: Starting at $60,000.00 and is negotiable and based on education and experience, includes benefits.

To Apply: Resume, cover letter, salary requirements, and at a minimum three professional references.

Send to: Colon Village President
P.O. Box 50
Colon, MI 49040
You may also hand-deliver your sealed package to the Village of Colon office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
110 North Blackstone Ave.
Colon, Michigan 49040

The Village of Colon, the Magic Capital of the World, is searching for a village manager. The present management structure includes a seven-person council, including the village president, and clerk/treasurer. All financial business is run through the village office manager, which includes a fulltime office manager and full time billing clerk. The village also has its own police department with a chief of police and one sergeant. The DPW has a supervisor and two employees. The Colon Community Fire and Rescue is a joint department, which is overseen by both the Village of Colon and Colon Township.

The Village of Colon is approximately 1.73 square miles and is located on M-86 in northeast Saint Joseph County, approximately 17 miles west of Coldwater, 15 miles north of Sturgis (18 miles from the Indiana toll road), 19 miles east of Three Rivers, 36 miles southeast of Kalamazoo, and 30 miles south of Battle Creek. It is situated on portions of both Palmer Lake and Sturgeon Lake, with close proximity to Long Lake south of the village. The location of the village puts it within easy traveling distance to and from larger municipalities and in close proximity to I-94, I-69, M-60, M-66, and the Indiana Toll Road. Situated as it is, the Village of Colon affords easy access to individuals wishing to vacation in or attend many of the year round attractions/festivals.

Job description may be found online at

Deadline for Application: October 1, 2018