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OCTOBER 02, 2018



1063 W. M-86




Village Council Meeting Minutes – August 14, 2018

Village Hall

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton, Marilyn McManus, Carl Thornton, Edith Doenges.

Also Present:  Tom Tenney, Mike Voss, Sgt. Herr, Julie Dekker, Eddie LeBoeuf, Billi Farrand, Mike Smoker, Wayne Held, Jim Weinberg, Kurt Kuhlmann,

Approve Consent Agenda – Approval of the bills $28,146.08.  M. McManus made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, the minutes from the July 10, 2018 meeting.  S. Craun seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Public Comments – None

Monthly Reports

  1. Interim Village Manager Report – as presented.
  2. Office Manager – as presented.
    1. The audit will start this week or next week.
    2. Taxes were sent out on June 30th. A spread sheet of taxes paid to date was given to the council.
    3. Shut-off notices for water/sewer were sent out today.
  3. Department of Public Works – report as presented.
  4. Police – report as presented.  Council members voiced their concern regarding the need to hire an additional full time officer for the Police Department.
  5. Fireboard Report – Met August 8. No official business could be completed as only two board members were present.  Colon Fire Department took part in areas villages’ parade.
  6. Lake Board Report – T. Tenney presented a printed report. Long Lake is clear down to 7 ft.  Palmer Lake is clear down to 3 ft.  Madison Lake has had an algae bloom for number of years and flows into Little Swan Creek and into Palmer Lake.  The Lake Board is looking in to this as having an effect on the current algae bloom in Palmer Lake.  A map of the treatment area was presented.  Most of the treatment took place on the channel.
  7. Planning Commission – Eddie Leboeuf – report presented.  The Planning Commission approved Chapter 1 & 2 of the Master Plan.  A committee will be created to review bi-laws.
  8. Colon Community Park Board –
    1. The next Park Board will be Wednesday, August 22nd at 1:00 pm at the Village office.
    2. Mike Smoker reported that the American Legion would help financially support changes at Veterans Park.
    3. It was reported by T. Tenney that during the 2018-2017 fiscal year that there were several expenses that should have come out of Park Checking rather than the General Fund, but did not. To rectify this he had $10,540.00 transferred from Park Checking into the General Funds.
    4. The cost of flag poles for Veteran’s Park is being researched.
    5. Paula Livermore was appointed secretary.
    6. The Board is working on coordinating rules and regulation across all parks.
  9. DDA Committee Report – Teryl Kidwell report presented. Brochures are completed and being printed.
  10. Well Head Protection – nothing to report at this time.
  11. Zoning Ordinance Review – Doug Kuhlman – in process with draft of zoning ordinances changes.
    1. Administration Search Warrant executed at a residence on Barry Street. A placard was put on the door and front of the mobile home as being “Unsafe for Human Habitation.”
    2. Kuhlman has spoken to Attorney Davis in regards to her legal experience in zoning matters; the numerous proposed zoning changes; the amount of time needed; and her interest in taking on such a large undertaking. Attorney Davis felt that she would like to be a part of the process as it would be a good learning experience. D. Kuhlman suggest Bauckhan, Sparks, Thall, Seeber, and Kaufman P.C. Attorney at LA, who he has previously worked with, as they specialize in municipalities and have a vast amount of experience in zoning matters.  The council was concerned with the cost and about of hours needed to complete his task.  D. Kuhlman expressed that if the council started with one attorney and had to switch the cost might be more.  RA Kuhlmann made a motion to table this until more information about cost can be received.  D. Delp seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  12. Blight Report – as presented – Comments from Council members regarding more information needed on blight report.   Tenney will contact M. Hayden in regard to this concern.
  13. Other committee Reports – none

Unfinished Business

  1. Motion for Omni Bank on Credit Cards. RA Kuhlmann made a motion that the Village of Colon open a checking and saving accounts with Omni Credit Union for the express benefit of credit cards. Owner of the credit card account will be Clerk/treasurer Kurt Kuhlmann.  Individuals holding credit cards will be Billi Jo Farrand – Office Manager, Mark Brinkert – Chief of Police, James Weinberg – Supervisor DPW, and Kuhlmann – Clerk Treasurer.   McManus seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a no vote from C. Thornton.
  2. Starting Police Officer wage increases –
    1. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to increase the starting wage for a police officer to $15.00 per hour, to include taxes and benefits. D. Delp seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken.  Yeas: S. Craun, D. Delp, M. McManus, L. Norton, RA Kuhlmann, C. Thornton, E. Doenges.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.
    2. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to hire Paul Hernandez as a part time police officer at the starting rate of $15 per hour with no benefits. A roll call vote was taken.  Yeas: S. Craun, D. Delp, M. McManus, L. Norton, RA Kuhlmann, C. Thornton, E. Doenges.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.
  3. Informational – Escrow Account for Water/Sewer Deposits has been completed
  4. Waterway Ordinance – final draft – C. Thornton felt that the council was limiting the number of potential docks at the Veterans Memorial Park in starting that final draft of the ordinance only allowed for two docks and that he sould like to have more there. He suggested that a committee be appointed to further look into the ordinance.  Craun made a motion to appoint a committee to further research the Waterway Ordinance.  C. Thornton seconded the motion.  The motion carried with one apposed.
  5. Huntington Bank CD – S. Craun had contacted someone at Southern Michigan Bank and Trust regarding the CD. They will be contacting K. Kuhlmann.
  6. Informational – online banking with Century Bank & Trust has been completed. Online banking with Sturgis Bank & Trust is being processed.
  7. Master Plan, Zoning Map, Zoning Ordinance – D. Kuhlman presented it earlier in the meeting.
  8. Job Description for the Village – L. Norton made a motion to proceed to hire a Village Manager at a salary of $60,000.00 depending on education and experience. Applications will be received until October 1.   Craun seconded the motion.   A roll call vote was taken.  Yeas: S. Craun, D. Delp, M. McManus, L. Norton, RA Kuhlmann, C. Thornton, E. Doenges.  Nays: None.  Motion carried.

New Business

  1. Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Proposal –
    1. McManus made a motion to remove Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Proposal. S. Craun seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
    2. Discussion was held on mailing of water/sewer bills as post cards. It was agreed that they could be sent as post cards at $0.35 as opposed to in an envelope at $0.50 per mailing.  Community information can be added to the bottom left section of the water/sewer bill.  If there is more information they will be mailed by envelope.  RA Kuhlmann made a motion to send the water bills out as a postcard to save money on postage.  There will be occasions that will require the bills to be sent first-class mail.   McManus seconded the motion.  Motion carried with D. Delp opposing.
  2. Employee Handbook – nothing to report
  3. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to move Billie Jo Farrand to status of full time employment as Village Office Manager at an hourly rate of $18.00 with full benefits. Thornton seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  4. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to move Julie Dekker to status of full time employment as Billing Clerk/Water Sewer at an hourly rate of $14.00 with full benefits. Thornton seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  5. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to officially change the name of Swan Creek Park to Veteran’s Memorial Park. Craun seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  6. Golf Cart – T. Tenney reported on the progress of get a Golf Cart Ordinance together. Tenney reported on House Bill 4945, which would allow residents to drive golf carts across the bridge, on M-86, from Swan St. to either Goodell or Palmer Ave./Polk St.  This ordinance does not allow any golf carts on any other section of M-86 within the Village of Colon.  This process requires a resolution to MDOT requesting permission to write an ordinance for crossing the bridge; a Context Sensitive Solutions meeting with community members; and ordinance; a detail Ariel photograph of proposed golf card routes, and site visits from MDOT.  The Village presently has a resolution allowing golf carts on streets in the Village of Colon other than M-86, and, golf Cards may cross M-86 from street to street, however, may not drive across M-86 on the bridge.
  7. Employee direct deposit – Ordinary payroll will be moved to Thursday’s. Any employee or council member can have their payroll deposited directly into the financial intuition of their choice.

Public Comments –   Eddie LeBoeuf – the sign at Long Lake needs to be replaced.

Correspondence & Information –

  1. Edge – requesting money to support the Edge. The Village will not give any money.
  2. MML – road funding
  3. DEQ Letter – PFAS information
  4. Letter from Joseph A. Pucci was read regarding his opposition ot docks at Veteran’s Memorial Park.
  5. 2018 ballot was presented

Adjournment – L. Norton made a motion to adjourn.  RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 9:52 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Kurt P. Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer


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