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6:30 P.M



The Village of Colon will conduct a Public Hearing on Amendments to Chapter 74, Waterways, Public Accesses, and Parks: and Revisions to Article II, Use of Public Property.  This Ordinance became effective on October 9, 2018, at the Colon Village Council Meeting.







Village Hall
Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said
Present: Sharon Craun, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Marilyn McManus , Linda Norton, Carl Thornton, Edith Doenges.
Also Present: Tom Tenney, Chief Brinkert, Pam Gilbert, Eddie LeBoeuf, Billi Farrand, Julie Dekker, Doug Kuhlman, Kelli Pucci, Mike Smoker, Jim Weinberg, Pam Gilbert, Deb Bordner, Paul Hernandez, Emily Hernandez, Jeff Bingman, Nathan Clipfell, Aaron Miller, Jeff Risma, Arden Davison, Kurt Kuhlmann
Approve Consent Agenda – Approval of the bills $35,415.10. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to accept the agenda with additions, the minutes from the August 14, 2018 meeting with changes. S. Craun seconded the motion. The motion carried.
Public Comments –
a. Colon Chamber of Commerce – P. Gilbert
a. Recommend Michael Smoker for the Swans St. docks committee because he wants to be on the Park Boards committee.
b. Citizen of the year – September 29th at the Colon Fire & Rescue Building from 4-6 pm for an open house. A potluck dinner and awards begins at 6 pm. The honorees are the Colon Fire & Rescue and Colon Police.
c. Meet and Greet at Curly’s, October 6th with Forest River, Inc. celebrating their 50th anniversary.
d. The Chamber would like to close N. Blackstone for the 4th of July. Who will be responsible for the 4th of July road closer in 2019.
e. The Chamber wants to have a Christmas Tree Lighting at the library. The cost of the tree to be shared by the Chamber and the Village.
f. Community Park needs cleaning & weeding. The Chamber suggested organizing a Junior Garden Club through the High School.
b. Eddie LeBoeuf – moment of silence for 9/11
Monthly Reports
1. Interim Village Manager Report – as presented.
a. IVM Tenney recommended that a set wage scale be put into place for office personal. This would be consistent with the other Village departments who currently use a wage scale.
b. D. Delp made a motion to give a fifty-cent ($0.50) raise for the Office Manager and Water/Sewer Billing Clerk effective September 12, 2018. M. McManus seconded the motion. The motion carried with one “nay.”
c. PFOS – Bronson water treatment plant has dumped waste into Little Swan Creek which runs into Long Lake, and Big Swan Creek which runs into the channel. Testing has begun on water samples and fish, September 9, 2018. Additional testing will be done on September 24, 2018. No results have been given at this time.
2. Office Manager – as presented.
a. There was extensive damage to office equipment when the office was struck by lightning early last month. Due to this, the audit has been delayed. The requirements for Acts 51 has been extended.
b. J. Dekker sent out 23 delinquent water bill shut-off notices. All were paid.
3. Department of Public Works – report as presented.
a. The pump in Well 6 has been pulled and overhauled. Impellers were replaced. The maintenance/repair is costly, however it was budgeted.
b. DPW workers, N. Martin & M. Barrett need to attend a Water Distribution course for their water certification in November. However, all classes are full. RA Kuhlmann made a motioned to purchase books for water distribution to prepare the Martin & Barrett for the certification test. L. Norton seconded the motion. The motion carried.
4. Police – report as presented.
a. S. Craun made a motion to hire Officer Brooks part time at a rate of $15 per hour, with no benefits. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. The motion carried.
b. An email was received about the great job the police did during Magic Week.
c. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to lease a copier for the Police Department from Xerox through Office Solution as presented on the bid. D. Delp seconded the motion. The motion carried.
d. RA Kuhlmann suggested a “Thank You” be sent to Dr. Smolarz for the donation thank you to Dr. Smolarz.
5. Fireboard Report – as presented. No official business could be completed at late month’s meeting as only two board members were present. The will meet September 12, 2018.
6. Lake Board Report – as presented. Tom Tenney
a. The final meeting for 2018 was held September 8th
b. 22 fish cribs projects have been completed.
c. Dr. Judd completed his water testing and sampling of algae and zooplankton. Findings will be presented at the April 2019 meeting.
d. Tony Grove from PLM discussed algaecide
7. Planning Commission – report presented – Eddie Leboeuf –
a. Reviewed the Waterways Ordinance and as an advisory board saw nothing to stop the ordinance. Unofficially, they would pass the ordinance if presented to the Commission. “We can’t disapprove it just because we don’t like something.”
b. S. Craun was named secretary, Kyle Culp was named vice chair, and the other members remain the same.
c. Reviewed Golf Cart Ordinance, and working on the Master Plan.
8. Colon Community Park Board – Edie Doenges –
a. The Community Park has been weeded, sprayed, etc. T. Tenney will remove several bushes and trim other bushes.
b. There will be one more meeting on September 26, 2018
c. The park will close the bathrooms sometime in late October.
9. DDA Committee Report – Kelli Pucci –
a. DDA had a meeting September 9th.
b. The new directional sign should arrive in a week or two.
c. They are looking a planting commemorative tree next spring.
d. They will be looking at how to attract new businesses. There are a number of businesses for sale.
10. Well Head Protection – nothing to report at this time.
11. Zoning Ordinance Review – Doug Kuhlman –
a. Village attorney, D. Davis, needs to respond to the Zoning Ordinance Review by next month meeting.
b. Dave Mostrom of Mostrom & Assoc. Inc., informed D. Kuhlman that he has the critical points to make the map.
12. Blight Report – as presented –
a. The report needs to a little more detailed and laid out differently.
b. The property owner at 432 Barry St. has defaulted on the citation. There are several ways to proceed to evict. It would cost $6000-$8000 for the Village to clean up the property and place it on the taxes. If it goes to tax sale and is not purchased, it would go to a second tax sale 30 days later and could be purchased for as little as $100. The Village would lose its lien. The other option is to have the Village purchase the property in a quit claim deed (about $150), offer it to an adjoining property owner and give them the property with an agreement for them to clean up the property within 30 days.
c. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to purchase the property with quit claim deed at 432 Barry St. S. Craun seconded the motion. The motion carried.
13. Other committee Reports – none
Unfinished Business
a. Golf Cart – Rep. Aaron Miller discussed some of the challenges still need to be worked through on the state and local levels.
b. Waterway Ordinance – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to send the ordinance to public hearing. M. McManus seconded the notion. A roll call vote was taken. Yeas: S. Craun, D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, M. McManus, L. Norton, E. Doenges. Nays: C. Thornton. The Public Hearing is set for October 2 at 6 PM. Place of the hearing to be determined.
c. Huntington Bank CD – K. Kuhlmann has been taken care of purchasing a $30,000.00 at Southern Michigan Bank for 36 months at 2.85% with to option to change the rate once within the 36 months.
d. Master Plan Zoning Map, & Zoning Ordinances – Tabled at last meeting – Doug Kuhlman
e. Village Manager and Posting – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to post a partial job description at the MML website at the approximate cost of $41.76. D. Delp seconded the motion. The motion carried.
New Business
a) Dollar General – D. Kuhlman – application for Dollar General to come to Colon. No variances needed or rezoning. Simply a site plan review. It will go to Public hearing before the planning commission. Kuhlman also would like to bring it before the Village Council for public hearing because of the age of the ordinances.
b) Civil Infraction Ordinance – Att. Davis suggested a Civil Infraction Ordinance before a blight ordinance be put into place. An ordinance was provided by Davis and presented to the Council. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to hold a public hearing to consider a Civil infraction Ordinance on October 2, immediately following the Waterways Ordinance public hearing. L Norton seconded the motion. The motion carried.
c) Blight Ordinance – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to table the Blight Ordinance until public hearing on the Civil Infraction Ordinance public hearing, October 2 and the October meeting. S Craun seconded the motion. The motion carried.
d) Employee Handbook – work continues
e) Employee Wage Scales –recommended by IVM Tenney to consider setting up employee wage scales for all departments.
f) Village Office Building – options were discussed. D. Kuhlman suggested we contact Randy Schelling to see what may be required to update the current building.
g) Voting duty and conflict of interest – A portion of the employee handbook Elected Officials, Appointed Officials, & Employees Conflict of Interest Policy was presented to the Council. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to approve this portion of the employee handbook. D. Delp seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. A roll call vote was taken. Yeas: S. Craun, D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, M. McManus, L. Norton, C. Thornton, E. Doenges. Nays: None.
Public Comments –
a. Eddie Leboeuf – encouraged the Council to approve the pay scale.
b. Deb Bordner – the garden club is no longer able to take care of the Community Park completely. Also, encouraged the Council to approve the pay scale.
c. Kurt Kuhlmann – does not feel that our attorney should learn Municipal/Zoning law at our expense. Also, many people come to the Village office to learn about the Village. The appearance of the Village office says a lot about the Village.
d. Billi Farrand – Where can the Village office obtain information regarding housing rentals?
e. M. McManus – can some money from Act 51 be used in new street signs as part of the non-road portion of the funding.
Correspondence & Information – none
Adjournment – M. McManus made a motion to adjourn. S. Craun seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kurt P. Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer






OCTOBER 02, 2018



1063 W. M-86




Colon Free Store

The Colon Free Store will be open on Tuesdays starting September 11th.

Hours of operation will be 8:30 – 11:00 a.m

Accepting donations of gently used clothing, from newborn to adult sizes, and household items. Anything with a cord MUST be in working order.

Thank you for your support



Job Description

Supervised by: Village Council
Supervises: Police Chief, Department of Public Works Supervisor, and Village Office personnel.
FLSA Status: Exempt (Salary)

General Summary:
The Village Manager plans, develops, and implements a diverse range of Village services to meet policy directives and community needs. Oversees the organization and direction of all Village departments and coordinates with the Village Personnel Committee on all employee matters.

Essential Duties and Job Responsibilities:
The Village Manager may be called upon to do any or all of the following essential tasks. The following examples do not include all the duties that the Village Manager may be expected to perform. To perform this job successfully, the Village Manager must be able to perform each responsibility in a satisfactory manner.

1. Maintains clear and open communication with the Village President and Village Council at all times and provides council with timely and relevant information and documentation when requested.

2. Works with all standing committee to assist them in their responsibilities within their respective directive.

3. In coordination with all supervisors, the Village Manager is responsible for the general operation of all Village departments.

4. Recommends policies and programs to the Village Council. Provides information to the Council to aid in its deliberations. Implements policies set forth by the Council.

5. Develops long-range plans and management strategies to realize goals in accordance with Council directives, community needs, demographic trends, and Village vision. Assesses operational costs, analyzes administrative and capital needs and makes recommendations to the village Council regarding changes, upgrades, or downsizing.

6. Prepares grant proposals and consults with granting agencies in securing and administering grants. Completes requisite reporting and paper work accurately and in a timely fashion.

7. When necessary represents the Village at local, regional and state meetings as approved by the Village Council. Through open communication and in coordination with the Village Council the Village Manager may negotiate contracts and agreements on behalf of the Village.

8. Responds to inquiries, resolves citizen complaints and recommends remedial action related to Village policies and services. Meets with citizens and community groups to address concerns and participates in civic activities as appropriate.

9. In coordination with supervisors, develops a positive work environment for all employees. Assist supervisors in employee hiring, training, recognition, and work related issues, and disciplinary matters. Coordinates all hiring with supervisors and makes recommendations to the personnel committee on hiring. Reports all disciplinary issues to the personnel committee with appropriate corrections, remediation or recommendations for further action.

10. Serves as the Village’s legislative coordinator. Stays current of proposed changes in legislation that may impact the Village. Communicates Village needs to State and Federal officials.

11. Maintains open communication with the Village Attorney and assist the Village Attorney with any potential or current legal issues. The Village Manager insures that the Village is compliant with all statutes and regulations.

12. Working with supervisors, the Village Manager is responsible for the development of a Risk Management program and insures that it is implemented and observed on an ongoing basis.

13. In coordination with the finance committee and supervisors develops a five-year capital improvement program and monitors capital needs and determines appropriate financing mechanisms for larger purchases and projects.

14. In coordination with the finance committee and supervisors develops all budget requests, financial plans and forecasts, and timely preparation of the annual budget. Administers fiscal policy, ensures the proper administration of the budget, and keeps the Village Council fully apprised of the Village’s present financial condition and future needs.

15. The Village Manager shall research, draft, and present all final documents such as resolutions, ordinances, and contracts to the Village Council in an accurate and timely manner.

16. The Village Manager shall complete all pertinent Federal, State, and County reports in an accurate and timely manner. When necessary shall assist supervisors with the same.

17. In coordination with the Village President creates the agenda for and attends all Village Council meetings. Performs research, recommends policies and programs, enforces ordinances, and implements policy as set forth by the Council. Attends meeting of various boards, authorities, associations, and commissions as necessary or required and/or as requested by the Village council.

18. Represents the views and beliefs of the Village Council to various individuals, entities, agencies, and other governmental units. Responsibly responds to inquiries from the public, the media, and others. Communicates the Village Council’s views and beliefs position on issues.

19. Coordinates Village operations and activities with other governmental units. With acknowledgement of the Village Council, and in conjunction with the Village Attorney participate in the negotiations and administration of cooperative agreements, mutual aid compacts, or other contracts on behalf of the Village.

20. Administers the terms and conditions of all contracts to which the Village is a party. Supervises and coordinates all special projects with respective employees and/or specific council committee.

21. Assist, coordinate with, and maintain open communication with all and/or specific departments and agencies in regards to emergencies.

22. Develops in coordination with the DDA and appropriate council committee a communication and marketing plan for both external and internal audiences. Assist office employees with the maintenance of the Village web site as to promote transparency and aid in disseminating relevant information to citizens.

23. Maintains open communication with all other entities of the Village: zoning administrator, building inspector, electrical inspector, mechanical/plumbing inspector, and engineering firm.

24. Maintains open communication and develops a positive working environment with the Colon Township Supervisor.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Minimum Qualifications:
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, abilities and minimum qualifications necessary to perform the essential functions of the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the job.

• A Bachelor’s Degree in public administration, business administration, finance, or related field and responsible municipal management experience or equivalent experience/education combination.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend the General Village Laws Act, resolutions, ordinances and regulations pertaining to municipal operations management, budgeting and financial administration, and public information.
• Knowledge of the professional principles, practices and procedures of public administration.
• A valid State of Michigan Vehicle Operator’s License.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend municipal financial and personnel management, contract negotiation and economic development.
• A basic understanding or ability to research and comprehend public relations practices and marketing.
• Skill in compiling and evaluating data and formulating policy and service recommendations.
• Skill in responding to public inquiries and internal requests with a high degree of diplomacy and professionalism.
• The ability to coordinate and work with diverse programs, services and personnel.
• Ability to establish effective working relationships, use good judgement, initiative and resourcefulness when dealing with citizens, elected officials, employees, other governmental agencies and municipal professionals.
• Ability to maintain records and prepare comprehensive reports.
• Ability to effectively communicate and present ideas and concepts orally and in writing.
• Ability to work effectively under stress and changes in work priorities.
• Ability to attend meetings at times outside of normal business hours, travel to other locations and respond to emergencies on a 24-hour basis.
• Ability to effectively lead and motivate employees and objectively supervise and evaluate the work of others.