JULY 25, 2017 – 7:00 PM




Colon Village President, Diane Downs, has called for a Special Meeting of the Colon Village Council for the purpose of setting goals and objectives for the future of the Village of Colon. The public is encouraged to attend and participate in this special meeting.


Tammy Fredenburg

Colon Village Office Manager




Meeting called to order by President Downs at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: S. Craun, D. Delp, E. Doenges, RA Kuhlmann, L. Norton, President D. Downs

Absent: N. Percival – excused

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, T. Fredenburg, M. Haydon, W. Held, J. Henry, Y. Husted, M. McManus, R. Miller, M. Mitchell, M. Partridge – Consumers Energy, K. Pucci, J. Sterlini, A. Staecker, R. Taylor, C. Thornton, M. Voss, J. Weinberg

RA Kuhlmann moved to accept the agenda as presented, second by S. Craun. Carried

President Downs opened the meeting for public comments, no public comments were made.

Consent Agenda with the approval of bills totaling $110,880.93 was motioned by E. Doenges, second by D. Delp. Carried.

Mitchell presented his findings of address concerns along M-86 west of the Village limits. S. Craun moved to have all addresses presented designated as West M-86, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Weinberg presented the DPW report for the month. He proposed parking lot repair work to be completed. RA Kuhlmann moved to have Tuskins perform the work at a cost not to exceed $750.00, second by S. Craun. Carried.

Chief Brinkert presented his report, he is in need of two computers. S. Craun moved to approve the purchase of two computers from Staples at a cost not to exceed $1,700.00, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Fredenburg presented her written report.

Mitchell presented his written report.


Michelle Partridge, Consumers Energy explained the federal mandate regarding streetlight replacement. After discussion, RA Kuhlmann moved to replace the Village’s remaining 47 mercury based streetlights with LED for a cost of $3,949.00, second by D. Delp. Carried.

SAW Grant computer purchase was readdressed. D. Delp moved to purchase two laptop computers from IT Right for a purchase price of $2,408.00, second by S. Craun. Carried.


The Blight Control Ordinance was discussed. As the Planning Commission is revived, the will need direction and M. Mitchell suggested blight as a first issue for them to address and asked for the Council’s input.

Roxanne Persing sent a letter of interest to be placed on the Planning Commission. RA Kuhlmann moved to appoint Persing to the Planning Commission, seconded by E. Doenges.

Norman & Paulsen sent their proposal for 2016-2017 financial audit services for the amount of $7,650.00. RA Kuhlmann moved to approve the proposal, second by S. Craun. Carried.

Mitchell explained the Miller Road/Blackstone Ave address issue. After discussion it was proposed to have Mitchell contact the affected home owners to get their feedback.

Road closure of N. Blackstone Ave was completed earlier in the year.

Fire agreement impasse with Township was discussed. Council members expressed appreciation for our fire/rescue personnel.

Goal setting meeting dates available are July 18th or July 25th. M. Mitchell will check fire station availability.


Kelly Pucci asked about the relocation of the last Lake Board meeting.

McManus asked about the posting of last month’s minutes.

Motion to adjourn was made by S. Craun, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Unless otherwise noted all votes are AYE – President Downs, S. Craun, D. Delp, E. Doenges, RA Kuhlmann, L. Norton. ABSENT – N. Percival


Respectfully submitted,


Tammy Fredenburg

Colon Village Office Manager for

Kurt Kuhlmann

Colon Village Clerk/Treasurer

All You Can Eat Fish Fry at the Colon American Legion Friday, July 28th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.  Ocean perch will be served. Carryout orders can be taken starting at 5:00 PM. Adults and carry-outs will be available for $9.50 and $4.00 for children ages 5 to 10.

Village of Colon

Village Council Agenda

July 11, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

110 North Blackstone Colon, MI 49040

  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call & Asking that Cell Phones & Other Electronic Devices be Silenced
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Public Comments (3 minutes per person)
  5. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Bills & Payroll
    2. Village Minutes of June 13, 2017
    3. Financial Reports
  6. Communications/Petitions/Miscellaneous
    1. Memo to Boards about providing minutes
  7. Monthly Reports
    1. Public Works – Jim Weinberg
    2. Police – Mark Brinkert
    3. Office Manager – Tammy Fredenburg
    4. Village Manager – Michael Mitchell
  8. Unfinished Business
    1. Address Issues – Lisa Kirby of County Land Resource Center
    2. Consumers Energy Streetlight Change Contracts & Resolution
    3. Fire Agreement
  9. New Business
    1. Discussion with Attorney Davis
    2. Appointment of Thornton to Planning Commission
    3. Capital Improvements Program
    4. Water/Sewer Special Assessments
    5. Geotechnical Borings for proposed Village Hall location
  10. Public Comments (3 minutes per person)
  11. Council Comments
  12. Adjournment


Colon Village Hall

Regular Meeting – May 9, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Present: Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton, Diane Downs.

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, Tammy Fredenburg, Michael Mitchell, Jim Weinberg, Alissa Hubbell, Brandan Maurer, Matthew Barrett, Marilyn McManus, Christine Johnson, Sandi Jackson, George Bidwell, Mike Voss, Wayne Held, Kelly Curin, Yuka Husted, Kelly Pucci, Jim Campbell, Gloria Stemple, Don Stemple, Matt Overholt, Rich Gennesic, and Kurt Kuhlmann.

Approval of Agenda: N. Percival moved to approve the agenda with additional Council Comments in section 13 from RA Kuhlmann and S. Craun. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comments – None

Public Hearing Meeting

  • Truth in Taxation was presented by Fredenburg. Questions and comments were fielded by Tammy from the audience. The proposed operating mill will stay the same at 11.0209 and a proposed special assessment of 1.9103 mills for Fire Operations, .4245 mills for Ambulance and .4245 mills for sidewalks will be added.
  • Special Assessments FY 2017-2018 was presented by Fredenburg. Questions and comments were fielded by Tammy from the audience.
  • Public Hearing Meeting closed at 7:09 PM

Consent Agenda – Percival moved to approve the consent agenda with bills paid totaling $44,235.56, minutes from the April 11, 2017 meeting and the financial report as presented. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.


  • Presentation of SAW Grant Status and Computer Purchases by F&V Engineering – the SAW Grant will need to be completed by October 2018. Much has been accomplished; however, several items will need to be completed in the spring of 2018. F&V presented a video of Field Condition Assessment and several areas for concern. Percival made a motion to forgo the formal bidding process for the purchase of two “field” computers. No one seconded the motion. The motion died.
  • M-DOT Brandon Maurer – a speed study will be conducted this summer during a “normal” traffic period along M-86 from Burr Oak Road to St. Joseph Street. The speed will be suggested at the 85th percentile of speed as monitored. Once the speed has been determined by MDOT, a recommendation for a set speed would be brought back to the Village Council for its consideration. Once a change has been determined, it cannot be changed. Additional information was given by Officer Jim Campbell from MSP.

Monthly Reports

  1. DPW – as presented.
  2. Police –
  3. Officer Chris Orr submitted his resignation. Delp moved to accept the resignation with regret. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  4. Craun moved to raise Officer Jeff Bingaman’s part-time pay to $14 per hour and to continue with no benefits. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Craun moved to approve $6,012 to purchase in-car video cameras for the squad cars. Dr. Joseph Smolarz has verbally committed to pay half of the cost after the system is purchased by the Village. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  1. Craun moved to hire Dan Jones as a part-time crossing guard at the rate of $9.50 per hour with no benefits. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  2. Office Manager – Tammy Fredenburg – presented a written report. The office training is completed. It is a good computer system. The looks of the reports will change.
  3. Village Manager – Michael Mitchell – presented a written report. The council needs to come up with two names for the Planning Commission. The Garden Club will set the top hat planters beginning May 10th.
  4. Point of Order – No further boards will be presented without previous written report.

Unfinished Business

  1. Consumers Energy Resolution to Change Streetlights – no one from Consumers was presented. Tabled.

New Business

  1. Resolution to set Village Operating Millage as per the Truth in Taxation – RA Kuhlmann moved to set the Village millage rate at 11.0209. Percival seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Doenges, Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun, Norton, Downs. Nays: None. Resolution passed.
  2. Set Special Assessments for FY 2017-2018 –
  3. Percival moved to set the special assessments as presented. No one seconded. The motion died.
  4. RA Kuhlmann moved to set the special assessment millage for the sidewalks at .4245 mills. Delp seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yayas: Doenges, Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun, Norton, Downs. Nays: None. Resolution passed.
  • RA Kuhlmann moved to set special assessment millage for the Fire Operation to be the same as the FY 2016-2017 at 1.85362 mills. Craun seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Craun, Norton. Nays: Percival, Downs. Resolution passed.
  1. RA Kuhlmann moved to set the Ambulance special assessment millage at .4245 mills. Doenges seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Donges, RA Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun, Norton, Downs. Nays: Delp. Resolution passed.
  2. Checking Account Closures – Percival moved to move all checking accounts from Century Bank & Trust (Major/Local Checking Account, Motor Vehicle Checking Account, and Payroll Checking Account) to Sturgis Bank & Trust and to use Sturgis B&T as the Village main depository. No one seconded the motion. Motion died.
  3. F&V Proposal – Monitoring Well Installation & Groundwater Monitoring Plans – RA Kuhlmann moved to hire F&V to develop a Monitoring Well Installation & Groundwater Monitoring Plans at a cost of $1000. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  4. Appointment of John Doberteen as Plumbing Inspector – Percival moved to appointe John Doberteen as village plumbing inspector. Craun seconded the motion. The motion carried.
  5. Request to complete payment to P. Osthoff – RA Kuhlmann moved to complete payment to Paul Osthoff, $60, since the resident pulled out and P. Osthoff did his work. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  6. Amendment to FY 2017-2018 Budget – Craun moved to amend the 2017-2018 General Appropriations Act $86,040 less due to a software error. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Doenges, Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun, Norton, Downs. Nays: None. Amendment passed.
  7. Confirmation of Appointment of Matt Barrett to DPW – RA Kuhlmann moved to hire Matt Barrett as a full-time DPW worker to be paid $12.80 per hour with a probation period of 120 days and the normal benefits to pass all requirements for a new employee. Norton seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  8. Second Amendment to Colon Fire Department Agreement – RA Kuhlmann moved to not obligate the Township to pay any water system fee under paragraph 7 of the contract or make any additional contributions to the Large Equipment Fund under paragraph 8 of the contract while under negotiation, and to extend the negotiation period until September 30th or until a contract is reached. Craun seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Percival, Craun, Norton, Downs. Nays: Doenges. Resolution passed.
  9. MAM Summer Conference – RA Kuhlmann moved to allow Downs to attend the MAM Summer Workshop at a cost of $79 for housing and $125 for the worship. Craun seconded the motion. The motion carried.
  10. Special Meeting for Goal Setting – Craun moved to set a special meeting for goal setting. Place ad time to be determined. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Public Comments – Rich Gennesic had a question regarding sewer bills.

Council Comments – Craun and RA Kuhlmann had some concerns regarding how the Village Municipal Lawyer was appointed. Mitchell will set up a meeting with Attorney Deb Davis, also in attendance will be Craun and Kuhlmann or Doenges.


Adjournment – Percival moved to adjourn. Craun seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned at 9:44 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Kurt Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer

June 5, 2017


With Memorial Day behind us, we are now into the unofficial beginning of summer.

Most of our Snow Birds have returned along with our cottage families.

During this busy time, I ask you to be more cautious as children don’t always use cross walks and may dart out in front of you. So please keep an eye out for them.

One of our blessings in this town are our beautiful lakes. In fact, before magic became our claim to fame Colon was known as “The town between two beautiful lakes.” (Or something close to that.) So, when you are talking about our little town don’t forget to mention our lakes.

What’s happening at the Village office? Michael (Mitch) Mitchell, our new Village Manager hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. His knowledge and expertise in municipal government has already helped us in many ways. His goal is the same as my campaign goal, “Keep Colon Moving Forward.” In order to do that we need your input, ideas and support. We are reviving our DDA, and Planning Commission, while the Chamber of Commerce has recently had changes in board members. If you ever wanted to have a say in our town this is your chance. Join one of these committees, sit in the meetings, you are welcome to at any and all of them. In 2018 three seats will be open on the Village Council, another excellent way to contribute.

As many of you know, the Village Office is in very bad shape. We have stepped up our search/investigation for a new location.

Since I took my oath of office I have learned so much about the people in this town. There are so many unsung heroes out there keeping our town clean, safe and a great place to live. If you come to any of our meetings as I suggested, you will notice some of the same faces on many on these committees. When these people are no longer interested in doing these tasks, who will? Start talking about this to your children so they understand it will be up to them to keep Colon the Village we love. In the meantime, thank you to all those behind the scene people doing so much for us.

There has been some discussion about our Ambulance service. Let me explain what happens. When 911 receives a call for an ambulance, the closest one responds. This then puts all the other ambulances in a choreographed movement so that the area that is now without service can still get the help they need. If we didn’t pay on our taxes the small fee we do, then we would be without ambulance service and would have to wait until a unit from a hospital or private company can come. This will take a much longer time to get help, which could be too late for some people. If you do use an ambulance or Air Care, the cost is pretty high. Think about what you are paying for: expert medical care, lifesaving equipment, as well as an expedient trip to the hospital. If you are unwilling to pay for this, there is an insurance you can pay yearly for which helps cover the fee. Of course, you always have the option of driving yourself or someone else to the hospital.

Another service we pay for and need to consider paying more for, our fire department. We all know that the trucks are very expensive. The cost is also high for maintaining them. There are all kinds of things inside and outside of a fire truck that may break, wear out, or just fail, we need to be prepared for that. Now think about the instruments they use to free you from your car, or from your burning house. Do you want them to use outdated equipment that may or may not work well, or have state of the art that works much better? When that moment comes and you are watching a loved one in trouble are you going to ask how much will it cost to get them safe, can you put a cost on that?

Finally, sidewalks. We are inspecting all of them in town to set a priority list. We plan to start downtown where the cement is crumbling and the railings are failing. This is priority one. If you are aware of any problems on your street, please let us know.

So, there you have it. Again, if you have any comments or concerns, bring them to the correct committee or to the Village Hall. We will do all we can to address your issue. You can help by being active in your Village.


Until next time.

Have a happy and safe summer.

Diane, Village President

Fun Night at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Monday, May 8th from 6:30-8:00 PM is the game “Name that Song”. It will be played like Jeopardy, where contestants get to choose the category of the songs. Then, upon listening to the song, the first person to buzz in and guess the name of the song is awarded the points. It is free to play and anyone is invited! Call or text Tim Grimm with any questions at 269-689-5448.

The Saint Joseph County Marine Patrol will be offering a boat safety class on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Colon Fire Barn, 1063 M-86, from 9 AM to 3 PM. The class is open to those 12 years of age or older. Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent. You will need to bring your own lunch and a #2 pencil. Those interested in attending should contact the Sherrif’s Office at 269-467-9045 to sign up.



Village of Colon

110 N. Blackstone Avenue

P.O. Box 50

Colon, MI 49040

All real property in the Village of Colon:


You are hereby notified that expenses for providing fire protection and ambulance services within Colon Village for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2017 have been estimated as follows:

            AMBULANCE SERVICE                                           $10,500        @        .4245 mills

            FIRE & RESCUE OPERATIONS                              $47,250        @        1.9103 mills

            SIDEWALK                                                                $10,500        @        .4245 mills

A public hearing regarding these assessment estimates will be held on:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Said meeting to take place at:

Colon Village Hall

110 N. Blackstone Ave., Colon, Michigan

The owner or agent may appear in person at the hearing or can send a letter, dated no later than 5/9/17, to protest the special assessment.