June 5, 2017


With Memorial Day behind us, we are now into the unofficial beginning of summer.

Most of our Snow Birds have returned along with our cottage families.

During this busy time, I ask you to be more cautious as children don’t always use cross walks and may dart out in front of you. So please keep an eye out for them.

One of our blessings in this town are our beautiful lakes. In fact, before magic became our claim to fame Colon was known as “The town between two beautiful lakes.” (Or something close to that.) So, when you are talking about our little town don’t forget to mention our lakes.

What’s happening at the Village office? Michael (Mitch) Mitchell, our new Village Manager hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. His knowledge and expertise in municipal government has already helped us in many ways. His goal is the same as my campaign goal, “Keep Colon Moving Forward.” In order to do that we need your input, ideas and support. We are reviving our DDA, and Planning Commission, while the Chamber of Commerce has recently had changes in board members. If you ever wanted to have a say in our town this is your chance. Join one of these committees, sit in the meetings, you are welcome to at any and all of them. In 2018 three seats will be open on the Village Council, another excellent way to contribute.

As many of you know, the Village Office is in very bad shape. We have stepped up our search/investigation for a new location.

Since I took my oath of office I have learned so much about the people in this town. There are so many unsung heroes out there keeping our town clean, safe and a great place to live. If you come to any of our meetings as I suggested, you will notice some of the same faces on many on these committees. When these people are no longer interested in doing these tasks, who will? Start talking about this to your children so they understand it will be up to them to keep Colon the Village we love. In the meantime, thank you to all those behind the scene people doing so much for us.

There has been some discussion about our Ambulance service. Let me explain what happens. When 911 receives a call for an ambulance, the closest one responds. This then puts all the other ambulances in a choreographed movement so that the area that is now without service can still get the help they need. If we didn’t pay on our taxes the small fee we do, then we would be without ambulance service and would have to wait until a unit from a hospital or private company can come. This will take a much longer time to get help, which could be too late for some people. If you do use an ambulance or Air Care, the cost is pretty high. Think about what you are paying for: expert medical care, lifesaving equipment, as well as an expedient trip to the hospital. If you are unwilling to pay for this, there is an insurance you can pay yearly for which helps cover the fee. Of course, you always have the option of driving yourself or someone else to the hospital.

Another service we pay for and need to consider paying more for, our fire department. We all know that the trucks are very expensive. The cost is also high for maintaining them. There are all kinds of things inside and outside of a fire truck that may break, wear out, or just fail, we need to be prepared for that. Now think about the instruments they use to free you from your car, or from your burning house. Do you want them to use outdated equipment that may or may not work well, or have state of the art that works much better? When that moment comes and you are watching a loved one in trouble are you going to ask how much will it cost to get them safe, can you put a cost on that?

Finally, sidewalks. We are inspecting all of them in town to set a priority list. We plan to start downtown where the cement is crumbling and the railings are failing. This is priority one. If you are aware of any problems on your street, please let us know.

So, there you have it. Again, if you have any comments or concerns, bring them to the correct committee or to the Village Hall. We will do all we can to address your issue. You can help by being active in your Village.


Until next time.

Have a happy and safe summer.

Diane, Village President