Meeting called to order by President Downs at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present: S. Craun, D. Delp, E. Doenges, RA Kuhlmann, L. Norton, President D. Downs

Absent: N. Percival – excused

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, T. Fredenburg, M. Haydon, W. Held, J. Henry, Y. Husted, M. McManus, R. Miller, M. Mitchell, M. Partridge – Consumers Energy, K. Pucci, J. Sterlini, A. Staecker, R. Taylor, C. Thornton, M. Voss, J. Weinberg

RA Kuhlmann moved to accept the agenda as presented, second by S. Craun. Carried

President Downs opened the meeting for public comments, no public comments were made.

Consent Agenda with the approval of bills totaling $110,880.93 was motioned by E. Doenges, second by D. Delp. Carried.

Mitchell presented his findings of address concerns along M-86 west of the Village limits. S. Craun moved to have all addresses presented designated as West M-86, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Weinberg presented the DPW report for the month. He proposed parking lot repair work to be completed. RA Kuhlmann moved to have Tuskins perform the work at a cost not to exceed $750.00, second by S. Craun. Carried.

Chief Brinkert presented his report, he is in need of two computers. S. Craun moved to approve the purchase of two computers from Staples at a cost not to exceed $1,700.00, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Fredenburg presented her written report.

Mitchell presented his written report.


Michelle Partridge, Consumers Energy explained the federal mandate regarding streetlight replacement. After discussion, RA Kuhlmann moved to replace the Village’s remaining 47 mercury based streetlights with LED for a cost of $3,949.00, second by D. Delp. Carried.

SAW Grant computer purchase was readdressed. D. Delp moved to purchase two laptop computers from IT Right for a purchase price of $2,408.00, second by S. Craun. Carried.


The Blight Control Ordinance was discussed. As the Planning Commission is revived, the will need direction and M. Mitchell suggested blight as a first issue for them to address and asked for the Council’s input.

Roxanne Persing sent a letter of interest to be placed on the Planning Commission. RA Kuhlmann moved to appoint Persing to the Planning Commission, seconded by E. Doenges.

Norman & Paulsen sent their proposal for 2016-2017 financial audit services for the amount of $7,650.00. RA Kuhlmann moved to approve the proposal, second by S. Craun. Carried.

Mitchell explained the Miller Road/Blackstone Ave address issue. After discussion it was proposed to have Mitchell contact the affected home owners to get their feedback.

Road closure of N. Blackstone Ave was completed earlier in the year.

Fire agreement impasse with Township was discussed. Council members expressed appreciation for our fire/rescue personnel.

Goal setting meeting dates available are July 18th or July 25th. M. Mitchell will check fire station availability.


Kelly Pucci asked about the relocation of the last Lake Board meeting.

McManus asked about the posting of last month’s minutes.

Motion to adjourn was made by S. Craun, second by RA Kuhlmann. Carried.

Unless otherwise noted all votes are AYE – President Downs, S. Craun, D. Delp, E. Doenges, RA Kuhlmann, L. Norton. ABSENT – N. Percival


Respectfully submitted,


Tammy Fredenburg

Colon Village Office Manager for

Kurt Kuhlmann

Colon Village Clerk/Treasurer