A Letter from Your President

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your summer. The 4th was wonderful, as always. It was really nice to see so many people around town.  I was privileged to judge the floatilla, what fun that was. If you haven’t come to watch our creative pontoon owners, you really need to do that.

Magic Week will soon be upon us. If you have rooms and you have never opened your home to a magician, please consider doing so. You will make new friends and truly enjoy the opportunity to learn how magic became a part of their lives. Contact Greg Bordner at Abbotts and let him know you are willing. The people who stay at my home are like family now. They are busy doing their own thing while I do mine, but when there is down time we enjoy others company. Sometimes I even learn a trick or two.

There are some new faces in our Village employee group. Matt Barrett began working for the DPW in May, and Dakota Cable joined our Police force in June. Please make sure to make them feel welcome.

We are continuing our search for a new place to move our office to. We will keep you posted.

I will remind you again, if you have free time and are looking for a way to fill it, check with our service organizations. They all do wonderful things for our community and our children. However, like most organizations, their members are aging and the younger people are not joining. So, think about joining.

That’s about it for this time. Enjoy the rest of summer and try to stay cool. We have a wonderful beach for you to take a refreshing dip in.


Village President