Colon Village Hall

REGULAR MEETING – July 11, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton, Diane Downs.

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, Jim Weinberg, Tammy Fredenburg, Michael Mitchell, Mike Voss, Sandy Jackson, Marilyn McManus, Dakota Cable, Debbie Davis, Kelly Pucci, Robert Taylor, Carl Thornton, Brent Frank, and Kurt Kuhlmann.

Approve agenda: N. Percival moved to accept the agenda with the addition to New Business, item f. Request from the Auditor. E. Doenges seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comments

  1. Dan Earl – Requesting update on meeting in the community building, sidewalk and railing repairs
  2. Chief Brinkert introduced Dakota Cable, recommended to be the new fulltime officer from Union City, graduated from KCC 2017.

Consent Agenda – N. Percival moved to accept the consent with bills totaling $90,040.63 and the minutes from June 13, 2017. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Communications/Petitions/Miscellaneous – M. Mitchell requested in writing that all Boards provide minutes to the Village prior to the preparation of the Village Meeting packets.

Monthly Reports

  1. Department of Public Works – report as presented
  2. Police-
    1. Craun moved to hire Dakota Cable as a fulltime officer for the Village of Colon with salary and benefits as stated in the handbook following the probationary requirements. D. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.
    2. Chief Brinkert saved the life of an individual on June 25th.
  3. Office Manager – T. Fredenburg will table additional training.
  4. Village Manager
    1. Mitchell addressed the comment made earlier during public comments by D. Earl. Any sidewalk/railing work on M-86 must be approved by MDOT and application has been made. Waiting for approval. Will not be completed by Magic Week.
    2. Goal Setting Meeting will be Tuesday, July 25th at 7:00 PM at the Library. Please encourage people to attend.
    3. 401(K) Plan – Mitchell would like to just add his Village 401(K) funds to his existing 401(K) if it is allowed.
    4. Doenges the head of the sidewalk committee was not informed of the discussion with MDOT regarding sidewalks and railings on M-86.
    5. Clancy’s old building was inspected by the Village Manager and several other office employees.

Unfinished Business

  1. Address Issues – Lisa Kirby of County Land Resource Centre – County GIS address coordinator Kirby shared several concerns with the Council about the address numbering system and the potential difficulty for the 911 system. Consensus was to not act on her recommendations.
  2. Consumer Energy Streetlight Change Contracts & Resolution
    1. RA Kuhlmann moved to accept the Standard Lighting Contract 547 & 548 as presented. D. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.
    2. Percival moved to accept the resolution as presented by Consumers Energy. S. Craun seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: Doenges, Delp, RA Kuhlmann, Norton, Craun, Percival, Downs. Nays: None. Resolution passed.
    3. Fire Agreement – Nothing has been done since the last meeting. A meeting between Doenges and Downs will be rescheduled.

New Business

  1. Discussion with Attorney Davis – A meeting with the Village Manager, the President, RA Kuhlmann, and S. Craun never took place as suggested by the Village meeting in May. S. Craun will work to reschedule the meeting.
  2. Delp moved to appoint Carl Thornton to the Planning Commission. S. Craun seconded the moiton. Motion carried.
  3. Capital Improvement Program – State Law requires a 6 year Capital Improvement Program be developed by all Villages. N. Percival moved to instruct the Village Manager to develop a Capital Improvement Plan with the help of the heads of each department. S. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  4. Water/Sewer Special Assessments – Tax bills have been sent out. Some concerns were discussed regarding overdue Water/Sewer bills and a procedure to collect.
  5. Geotechnical Borings for proposed Village Hall location – E. Doenges moved to hire SME to do the borings for a proposed Village Hall location for the amount of $3,800.00. S. Craun seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  6. Auditor’s Request – RA Kuhlmann moved to local community stabilization money of Act 51 to be split for the FY 2017-2018 amount of $5200.00, $3000 to go to Major Streets and the remainder to Local Streets. N. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comments

  1. Sandy Jackson – Fire Agreement and May meeting. S. Jackson questioned the approved May meeting minutes. The May minutes as approved were “Second Amendment to Colon Fire Department Agreement – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to not obligate the Township to pay any water system fee under paragraph 7 of the contract or make any additional contributions to the Large Equipment Fund under paragraph 8 of the contract while under negotiation, and to extend the negotiation period until September 30th or until a contract is reached. S. Craun seconded the motion. A Roll Call vote was taken. Yeas: D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, N. Percival, S. Craun. L. Norton, D. Downs. Nays: E. Doenges. Resolution passed.” No new contract was reached in the May meeting and nothing was sent to the Township for their approval.
  2. Taylor wanted to say thank you for addressing his issues.

Council Comments

  1. Percival mentioned that Centreville was looking for a Village Manager.
  2. Doenges asked if it is proper for the Village Manger to sit at the Council table.
  3. Craun asked why D. Earl’s question was answered as part of the meeting during Public Comments and the other questions asked during Public Comments were not answered. The MDOT issue was part of the meeting agenda so the Village Manager thought he was not speaking out of turn to answer Earl’s question. Other questions raised during Public Comments would be addressed privately.
  4. RA Kuhlmann would like to look at staggering the lunch hours of office personnel to not close the office during lunch. The Village Manager will look at the issue also with the recommendations from the auditor.


  1. Craun moved to adjourn. L. Norton seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 8:34 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kurt P. Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer