Colon Village Hall
SPECIAL MEETING – September 27, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 6:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton, Diane Downs.

Also Present: Kelly Pucci, Michael Mitchel and Kurt Kuhlmann.

Consent Agenda – N. Percival made a motion to approve the consent agenda.  D. Delp seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Public Comments – None

New Business

  1. Civility Statement – N. Percival made a motion to adopt the Civility Statement. No second was given.  The motion failed due to lack of support.
  2. The Act 51 resolution. Craun made a motion to appoint E. Doenges as Street Administrator according to the Act 51 requirement.  RA Kuhlman seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken.  Yeah:  L. Norton, S. Craun, N. Percival, RA Kuhlmann, D. Delp, E. Doenges, D. Downs.  Nay: none.

Public Comments: Kelly Pucci comment on the Civility Statement.

  1. Craun made a motion to go into close session. D. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.  Special meeting closed at 6:24 PM.

RA Kuhlmann made a motion to open the special session.

  1. Delp made a motion to accept M. Mitchell’s evaluation as good. N. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.

RA Kuhlmann made a motion to close the special meeting.  S. Craun seconded.  Motion carried.   Meeting closed at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Kurt P. Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer