Colon Village Hall
REGULAR MEETING – November 14, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 PM – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton, Diane Downs.

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, Jim Weinberg, Michael Mitchell, Kelly Pucci, Gula Carter, Jesse Nelson, Tyler Sutkowi, Carl Thorton and Kurt Kuhlmann, Ashley Staecker.

Approve agenda:  N. Percival made a motion to accept the agenda with the change to remove item 10 and to add item e) under Unfinished Business.  RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Public Comments – None

Consent Agenda – N. Percival made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 10 meeting and the bills in the total amount of $93,201.07.  S. Craun seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


  1. Presentation of FY 2016-2017 Audit by Kathy Mieras of Norman & Paulsen – the audit report was presented to the Council. N&P has determined that the books are in correct order.
    1. The Fund Balance is $511,028 was very much the same as last year. Whatever money was taken in was spent.
    2. General Fund/Operating Fund was very close to what it was last year.
    3. Cash in the General Fund was down $100,000. Inter-funds were not refunded this year.  Things were not kept up to date due to personnel changes.
    4. A letter of recommendations from N&P was given. The books were not ready when N&P arrived to do the audit.  Bank Reconciliations were not done.
    5. Letter of recommendations:
      1. Do not go to one bank
      2. bank reconciliation issues November to July – individual accounts
      3. Enforce the policy of member checking the bills
      4. Act 51 state street money – reimbursed $625
      5. Time cards/report – Reviewed by department heads
      6. GL was not done correctly between the funds. New GL codes are being put into place.
      7. Important to have department heads look at the invoice and put in the correct amount.
  2. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to have S. Craun and the Village Manager review the invoices and bank reconciliations on a monthly basis. Percival seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  3. The Village Manager will develop a policy and procedure for the securing of the Signature Stamps to include a double-lock system.
  4. SAW Grant Update – T. Sutkowi reported on three projects: water asset management plan, water reliability study and SAW grant.  The water asset plan and the water reliability study are due January 1, 2018.  The current rate study is three years old and must be completed again.  UMBAUGH will do the study at a cost of $3500.  SAW grant project due October 31, 2108 numbers are due by December, and sewer review rate study is due in May 2018.
    1. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to contract UMBAUGH to complete the water rate study required by the state at a cost of $3500.  D. Delp seconded the motion.  The motion carried with one no vote.

Monthly Reports

  1. Department of Public Works – report as presented.
    1. The DPW will continue to collect leaves through the end of November and possibly into December depending on the need.
  2. Police – reported as presented.
    1. No traffic study available
    2. Congratulations to Sgt. Herr on the new baby.
    3. Hours listed – time sheet for all employees, part-time and full-time
    4. No more reserve police officer will be available. We will lose help on 4th of July and Magic Week.
  3. Interim Office Manager – Ashley Staecker
    1. Some discrepancies were found in BSA. Interim Office Manager had to work to correct discrepancies and will present report at next meeting.
    2. Interim Office Manager began working full time on October 16.
  4. Village Manager
    1. Office Manager Position – The Village Manager reviewed the 70 applications and narrowed them down to a number of realistic applicants. The personnel committee will receive the applications and meet the last week of November to review and interview for the position.  Criteria used to narrow down the number of applications were a background in accounting, software experience with programs like BS&A, and payroll experience.  Some applications were eliminated due to little or no experience.
    2. Christmas décor – is a meeting necessary? A tree is needed at the Library.
    3. MML new elected official training in January 23 in Coldwater.
    4. Credit Card payments – There have been many requests to pay various bills by credit card. BS&A has a system for credit card payments, but it is too expensive and the municipality pays the cost.  GovPayNet – does not charge the municipality for the service.  The people who pay with CC will receive a service fee and payment will be forward to the Village.  The Village Manager will pursue this further.

Unfinished Business

  1. Fire Agreement – Nothing to report.
  2. 2000 Water Bond Refinancing – Jesse Nelson – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to apply $100,000 to refund the 2000 Water Bond. Percival seconded the motion.  Motion carried with one no vote.
  3. Goals for remainder of FY 2017-2018 & FY 2018-2019

New Business

  1. Mary Beth Bower – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to allow Sparkle to set the trailer in front of the Grange Hall for Christmas in Colon, the day before until the day after the event.  S. Craun seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
  2. Real Estate Purchase Offer of 210 W. South Street – Village Manager reported on selling the property at 210 W. South Street. An ordinance would be needed to sell this specific property.
  3. Resolution to Change Names on Debit Card through Sturgis Bank – Users of the Village debit card at Sturgis Bank and Trust need to be changed due to personnel changes. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to have President D. Downs, Village Manager M. Mitchell, DPW Supervisor J. Weinberg, Police Chief M. Brinkert, Clerk/Treasurer K. Kuhlmann be issued a credit card (not a debit card) to be used for Village business.  Craun seconded the motion.  Roll call vote taken.  Yeah:  E. Doenges, D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, N. Percival, S. Craun, L. Norton, D. Downs  Nay: none.  Motion carried.
  4. Safe deposit box through Sturgis Bank and Trust – S. Craun made a motion to obtain a safe deposit box through Sturgis Bank and Trust for Village documents, deeds, etc. Gula Carter, Clerk/Treasurer K. Kuhlmann and President D. Downs will be authorized signers.  RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion.  A roll call vote was taken.  Yeah:  Doenges, D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, N. Percival, S. Craun, L. Norton, D. Downs  Nay: none.  Motion carried.
  5. New Village Office – much discussion took place. More investigation will take place.  The Doctor’s office and the Vet’s office are not an option at this time.

Public Comments

  1. Carl Thorton – Request for a Chamber of Commerce liaison from the Council.  The COC meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Council Comments

  1. Fire Department met November 8.  The Village can use the Fire Barn for governmental purposes only.

Adjournment – S. Craun made a motion to adjourn.  RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kurt P. Kuhlmann,  Clerk/Treasurer