Colon Village Council February 14, 2017 Minutes

Colon Village Council

Colon Village Hall

Regular Meeting – February 14, 2017

Meeting Call to Order at 7:00 P.M. – Pledge of Allegiance was said

Present: Diane Downs, Edith Doenges, Dick Delp, Ruth Ann Kuhlmann, Nancy Percival, Sharon Craun, Linda Norton. Absent: Sharon Craun (excused)

Also Present: Chief Brinkert, Tammy Fredenburg, Jim Weinburg, Doug Kuhlman, Kelly Pucci, Mary Luckeydoo, Michael Mitchell, Wayne Held, Teryl Kidwell, Robert Kidwell, Kurt Kuhlmann

Consent Agenda: RA Kuhlmann moved to approve the consent agenda, with changes, the minutes from the regular meeting, January 10th, 2017 and the Budget Meeting, January 16th,  2017, and payment of bills in the amount of $193,827.59. N. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Public Comments 

a. Mary Luckeydoo of 426 First Ave. M. Luckeydoo expressed concerns about her fence needing repairs. She would like to replace it with a 10 foot fence to keep her dogs in her fence. She also had concern about the zoning ordinance.

b. Doug Kuhlman – presented a Zoning Administrator proposal

Monthly Reports

a.  Office Manager Report – Presented written report

i.  Office Manager’s computer was replaced

ii. New software will be available in May

iii. The new network is operational. Gula’s computer will be installed at a later date.

iv. Office Manager attended a Michigan Economic Development Corporation meeting in Coldwater on January 12th. The State has implemented a Redevelopment Ready Communities program. The Village of Colon is registered. The Village Manager will be involved when hired.

b. DPW – Presented a written report

i. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to purchase 24 Water Meter Interpreters at a cost of $3,600.00. N. Percival seconded the motion. Motion carried.

c. Police – Presented a written report

i. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to adopt resolution MCL 257.657a to allow golf carts to operate in Colon. L. Norton seconded the motion. Report presented. Golf carts not allowed on M-86. Adopt MCL 257.657a. L. Norton seconded. Motion carried.

d. Fireboard – No report

e. Lake Board – D. Downs gave permission to put fish cribs at all public access’.

f. Planning Commission – No report

g. Colon Community Park Board – No report

h. DDA Committee – T. Kidwell was introduced to the Council as the head of the DDA. K. Pucci was introduced to the Council as the assistant to T. Kidwell. The DDA did a ride around with M-DOT to study sign placement. The next DDA meeting is scheduled February 23 at 5:30 P.M.

i. Farmers Market – Need to hire two people

j. Well Head Protection Program – Chief Brinkert suggested to remove this from the agenda.

k. EDC – trying to get full board for the EDGE

l. Zoning Ordinance Review – Nothing to report

m. Other Committee Reports – none

Unfinished Business

a. Telephone System – The new telephone system has been purchased and installed. An answering machine was purchased.

b. Employee Health Insurance Opt Out – The compensation will be divided into each paycheck to reduce the tax burden.

c. Village President Computer – The new laptop computer has been purchased for the Village President.

d. Village Manager Applicants – The Village Manager received 14 applicants – Michael Mitchell was introduced to the Village Council. A formal interview will be set up.

e. 241 John Street – all permits have been attained

New Business

a. New Streetlight M-86 – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to purchase a new street light on the corner of M-86 and Blackstone Avenue at a cost of $100 from Consumers Energy and to pay $11.75 per month for the energy used. N. Percival seconded the motion. The motion carried.

b. Termination of Paul Osthoff as Zoning Administrator

i. The Village President suspended P. Osthoff due to numerous complaints. N. Percival made a motion to terminate P. Osthoff. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. Motion carried. D. Delp, nay. Absent: S. Craun

ii. RA Kuhlmann made a motion to pay P. Osthoff $42.60 upon reviewing zoning invoices submitted by Osthoff. D. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried. E. Doenges abstained and one nay by D. Downs. Absent: S. Craun

c. Hiring of Doug Kuhlman as Zoning Administrator – N. Percival made a motion to hire D. Kuhlman as new Zoning Administrator, at a salary of $375 per month, $70 fee for each meeting with any meeting over 2 hours at a rate of $35 per hour. RA Kuhlmann seconded the motion. Motion carried. D. Delp astained.

d. Village Manager Job Description / Release of Information Form – was presented to the Council

e. Kalamazoo Area Transportation Study – more research is needed

f. Additional Consumers Energy – It was discovered that the village has not been paying for five street lights. RA Kuhlmann mde a motion to adopt a resolution to increase the amount of Consumer Energy Street lights by five at a cost of $217.72 per month. E. Doenges seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken. Yays: E. Doenges, D. Delp, RA Kuhlmann, N. Percival, L. Norton, D. Downs. Nays: None. Absent: S. Craun

g. Fredenburg’s Notary Public Expenses – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to reimburse Fredenburg $80, the cost of becoming a Notary Public. D. Delp seconded the motion. Motion carried.

h. DDA Committee – Tery Kidwell – Chairman, Kelly Pucci, MaryBeth Bower, Kevin Edson, Rick Fisher, Joe Pucci, Ron Cerny and Pat Kocher

Public Comments

Correspondence – Blight report was presented


Adjournment – RA Kuhlmann made a motion to adjourn. E. Doenges seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:37 P.M.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kurt P. Kuhlmann, Clerk/Treasurer